As a self-proclaimed "friendly and fearless" neighborhood wine shop, we do not carry mass-produced wines with strong brand recognition. On your first visit, you might not recognize many (or any) of the labels in our shop. However, if you trust us enough to take a few recommendations, you'll quickly see why exploring the world of boutique, handmade wines is so much fun.

Our wines are each unique, full of character, of the highest quality --and most importantly, each one offers great value. In our shop, the quality of the juice always exceeds the price point on the bottle.

We offer a large selection of naturally made wines, including biodynamic, organic, low-sulfite and even vegan selections. If you're looking for something interesting & unusual, there's no better place to look than Faubourg.

Just because we don't carry the big brands doesn't mean you won't find familiar favorites. We're happy to introduce you to your new favorite Cabernet, Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Malbec from one of our higher-quality, smaller producers. If you've been buying most of your wine at the grocery store or only buying well-known brands, a few visits to Faubourg Wines will completely change the way you think about, and drink, wine.

Navigating Our Shop

All the sparkling white & rosé wines, regardless of origin, are grouped together along the right wall near the entrance. Most of the other wines are divided into two main categories: Old World (Europe) and New World (not Europe). New World wines occupy the front portion of the store; New World wines occupy the back portion.

Within each category, wines are organized roughly by body or weight. You can think of it as a natural progression, like the order you may want to follow if you were going to sit down and taste every single one. So, on the first island you will find crisp, light, Old-World whites. On the next row- fuller-bodied whites, which give way to rosé wines, then very light reds, medium reds, and finally, robust reds. You'll find groupings of things, too- a row of Bordeaux, a cluster of Tuscan reds, a row of French Pinot & Gamay, etc.

After the robust Old-World reds, you enter the New World and start all over with crisp Sauvignon Blanc, moving through a similar progression, until you reach the big Cali Zins, Petite Syrah and Aussie Shiraz.

There is one rack of exceptions, just at the New/Old World split, which we have lovingly labeled, "New World Progressive/Outliers." These are wines that can't be fairly categorized because they do not conform to prevalent styles. These are the freaks and geeks; you'll find lots of fun stuff here. (Carbonic Nero d'Avola from Berkeley, anyone?)

We also have a full, mixed rack of $10 and under wines in the back of the shop, and a special tower for the higher-end wines. The tower is composed of two racks, you guessed it - one for Old World and one for New World wines.

We also have great collection of aperitifs, digestifs, bitters, liquors, sherries, vermouth, dessert wines, etc., and a small selection of fine distilled spirits, including vodka, gin, bourbon, whiskey, scotch, tequila, mezcal, rum and cachaca.

Be Fearless

Experienced, knowledgeable wine drinkers will have a great time exploring our collection of rare & interesting wines. However, most people don't know much about wine at all, and most of our customers are like most people. So even if you haven't the slightest clue what it is you're looking for, that's completely fine. Knowing wine is our job, not yours. Just tell us what you're going to do with the wine: drink it with your pal on the porch, bring it to a party, give it as a housewarming gift, have it with pork chops-- whatever. We'll take it from there.

Weekday Wine

Most of the time, it's not a special occasion. It's not for your boss, or for a fancy dinner, or for celebrating an anniversary. Most of the time, you're buying wine because you want to have some wine, and it's just a normal Tuesday, or whatever. Most of the time, most people are looking for wine that costs less than $15. For this reason, we always keep at least 100 wines in the shop under $15, in a wide range of types & styles. This is something we do better than anyone else, and we're proud of it.


Weddings & Special Events: Bulk Purchase

We are happy to help you select the right wines, in the right quantities, to match the food, theme, setting, or overall vibe of your wedding or other special event. We'll provide free consultation, make recommendations, then sit down with you for a private tasting. We'll even deliver the wines to your event venue for free within the city limits.

We do not offer discounts, even on bulk purchases. However, we will do our best to find wines of great quality to suit your budget. For example: for a typical wedding with 150 guests, where beer and liquor are also being served (but purchased elsewhere), the cost for an ample amount of our least expensive, basic red and white wines would start around $520.

If you are interested in a bulk wine purchase for a special event, please contact us.

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