Bernebeleva Navaherreros Blanco

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Bernebeleva Navaherreros Blanco
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Navaherreros Blanco is made from albillo and macabeo, the predominant white grape varieties in the area. The vines are between 25 and 80 years old, and are harvested manually. Maceration periods depend on the features of each vineyard. Vinification takes place in 500 and 600 l French oak barrels, where the wine ages sur lie. The wine is neither stabilized nor filtrated. Rich golden yellow colour. Ripe stone fruit on the nose with mineral and herb notes. Very powerful and complex on the palate with peachy fruit and superb minerality. Albillo is naturally high in glycerol which gives a pleasant full mouthfeel. Ripe, complex and powerful but with great balance.

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