Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka

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Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka
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Available in 24 states and Canada, Boyd & Blair is a triple distilled, original mash vodka made exclusively from locally-grown potatoes in single, small batches. It has twice received the distinction as "Top Vodka in the World" by Spirit Journal (Paul Pacult, editor.) Boyd & Blair is all about producing an honest, high quality spirit made from locally grown produce. Our distillery may be the only distillery in the U.S. where its bottles are manufactured within 100 yards of where they are filled. Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, LLC, makers of Boyd & Blair, is located in the former Glenshaw Glass Company, now known as Kelman Bottles, in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania. “Wow, this aroma comes flying out of the glass in waves of white potato, starch, and parchment; seven more minutes of aeration don’t greatly alter the aromatic profile, but there is a noticeable deepening of the established scents, especially the raw white potato element. Entry is nothing short of luscious, semisweet, chewy, and smooth; midpalate adds cocoa bean, maple, and honey. Aftertaste is graceful, solid, and simply delicious. The best small-scale vodka I’ve had since the 45th Parallel. So sumptuous and tasty that it’s spectacular tasted neat. Best non-Polish vodka available. AWESOME ACHIEVEMENT” -- F. Paul Pacult of Spirit Journal (We think it tastes a bit sake-like, too, which is super cool.)

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