Calcu Cab Franc

Faubourg Wines

Calcu Cab Franc
  • $14.99

At Calcu, they are convinced that the next Big Thing in Chile is Cabernet Franc. God bless 'em if they think that Cabernet Franc will ever explode in popularity the way that Argentine Malbec recently has, or that Pinot Noir has in the past decade. Nonetheless, we love Cabernet Franc, especially one so textbook and attractively priced as this. Savory, spicy dark cherry fruit aromas lead to a snappy Cab Franc palate, showing a well balanced combination of just ripened red stone fruits, subtle herbaceous tones and a tasty, dry finish. There is not much more that one could ask for in a Cab Franc that is priced for regular drinking such as this one.

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