Chateau Haut-La Pereyre Blanc

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Chateau Haut-La Pereyre Blanc
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This domaine started life in 1881 in the prestigious, if small and under the radar, appellation of Haut-Benauge in Bordeaux’s Entre-Deux-Mers region. It sold its wine in bulk to traders over the years until Olivier Cailleux’s parents began to estate bottle in 1974. Olivier himself was given the keys to the domaine in 1994; he is the sixth generation to manage the family affairs. Haut-Benauge refers to the coveted high ground inland from the historic river town of Cadillac, which looks across the Garonne to the appellation of Graves. This hill country’s south-facing slopes and good drainage make for prime vineyard land and is why the sector was granted its own appellation in 1955. The AOC is reserved for dry and sweet white wines—red wine falls under the larger AOC umbrella of Bordeaux Supérieur—but both colors do equally well here. Olivier reserves 8 of his 51 hectares for the production of his two most important wines, the Haut-La Péreyre red and white. Those 8 hectares equal 20 acres, and he farms pragmatically, according to the principals of lutte raisonnée, or reasoned fight. They represent his best terroirs. The blend here is roughly 10% Semillon, 30% Muscadelle, and 60% Sauvignon Blanc, all harvested by hand and made with extensive lees contact. The Semillon and Muscadelle are old plantings. The parcel of Semillon was planted by Olivier’s grandfather in 1921 after he returned from the trenches. The Muscadelle, a traditional variety noted for fruity aromatics, grows in two parcels, one planted in 1938 and the other in 1965. Production averages 1,650 cases each year. Wet stone, snow, quince, lemon, cypress.

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