Dumangin Champagne Brut Rose

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Dumangin Champagne Brut Rose
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A recipe for success: Jacky & Gilles Dumangin have chosen to blend their best wines & decrease their volume of vintage produced every year to create this unmissable pink Champagne. It is the result of 85% white champagne & 15% red wine (from the Dumangin family vineyards ) blend. The white part (54% Chardonnay & 46% Pinot Noir) ensure a powerful structure and a remarquable finesse. The added 15% red wine from Pinot Meunier create a fruity character & a delicate light salmon colour. The premier Cru range from Dumangin suffers no stressful processes. It is handled very gently from grape picking to bottling in their tank room in Chigny Les Roses. Careful manual riddling, in-house disgorgment & dosage ensure quality at all steps. A quality wine range elaborated with the most traditional methods.

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