Forlorn Hope Que Saudade Verdelho 2010

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Forlorn Hope Que Saudade Verdelho 2010
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DeWitt Vineyard Verdelho Nostalgically happy in a plaintive, bittersweet fashion: torn between the pleasure fond memory brings and the sadness of its implied absence. For thalassocratic Portugal during the age of discovery there were constantly navigators abroad, far from home and with strong odds against their return. In this commingling of the glory of an empire at its peak and the longing for loved ones separated by uncountable salt miles was born this feeling of yearning, of vague and constant desire, of indolent dreaming wistfulness… of saudade. The effusiveness of the aromatics, the rich ripe fruit flavors and the vibrant acidity of the Que Saudade all indicate that the handful of Verdelho vines planted to the DeWitt Vineyard are quite happy in their Amador County home. Interwoven with this expression of satisfaction of place, though, one can find the vines’ saudade for a Portuguese homeland they have never known in the bracing minerality of this wine’s iodine tang. Lilting through the finish with the sweet sadness of a haunting fado, it invites another taste. There’s more story yet to sing. Rich, honeycomb, strangely uplifting, satisfying, intense, tangerine, supple.

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