Gamay Tra La La Garreliere

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Gamay Tra La La Garreliere
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"Gamay without bullshit!" - Winemaker's notes (really). Francois and Pascaline Plouzeau maintain an immaculate vineyard near the fascinating village of Richelieu which lies south of Tours quite close to the Chinon region. Here they implement strict biodynamic vineyard practices which are certified by Ecocert. This was one of the wines that first made us sit up and take notice of the natural wine movement that was sweeping through the Loire and Beaujolais and on into the rest of France. It is made from 100% Gamay and is fermented naturally without the 'help' of commercial yeasts. It is fresh, lively, full of flavour and, above all, delicious. Good for drinking anytime, anywhere. The joyous label captures the essence of this wine. The French would call this a 'gouleyant' wine, meaning that it is gluggable or smashable.

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