I Clivi Friulano

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I Clivi Friulano
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At the top of a hill in Corno di Rosazzo, just steps across the border from the Collio into the Colli Orientali del Friuli zone, lies the estate known as I Clivi ("the slopes," in ancient Italian). I Clivi occupies one of the more privileged sites in the COF zone, with vines rooted in a soil base rich in calcareous marl, known locally as ponca (or flysch), an ideal environment for traditional Friulano varieties and a terroir that lends an intensely mineral signature and compact, focused acid structure to the wines grown on the property. Proprietor Ferdinando Zanusso aims to make natural wines that reflect the terroir of his vineyards in the Collio and Colli Orientali appellations. Zanusso works with indigenous varietals, low yields and a non-interventionalist philosophy in the cellar. He employs only natural yeasts and ages the wines exclusively in stainless steel. These are very delicate wines that won't wow most tasters on first impression, but readers who are patient enough to spend some time with these offerings will find wines of notable delicacy and finesse. The wines have also proven to age quite well. Lemon, intense mineral, fresh, crisp, thyme, grass, sage.

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