Immich-Batterieberg Mosel Riesling 2011

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Immich-Batterieberg Mosel Riesling 2011
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Immich-Batterieberg is one of the oldest wineries in the Mosel; originally founded by a Carolingian monastery, it can be traced back to the year 911. n 2007, the estate was reacquired in 2009 by Gernot Kollmann and two Hamburg based investors. Gernot is one of Germany's finest up and comers, and no stranger to the Mosel: since his first internship at Dr. Loosen in the early 90's, he's also worked for Weingut Van Volxem (4 vintages: 2000-2003) and Knebel (2004-2008). Since taking over, the wines are once again produced in a dry or off-dry style, with sugar levels depending on each site, each vintage. All of the Cru wines are once again being vinified separately in old oak barrels; spontaneous fermentations are the norm and chaptalization, re/de-acidification or any other intervention during vinification is forbidden. Sulfur is added in low doses and only before bottling. As far as the sites and terroirs, they are amongst some of the best in the middle Mosel. 80% of the vines are un-grafted and over 60 years old, and everything is worked organically (though not certified). Batterieberg is a 1.1 h monopole within the Zeppwingert, and also the place that gives the estate its namesake: it was Carl August Immich's decision to dynamite this hill between 1841 and 1845 which permitted him to create terraces and plant vines (Batterieberg translates to Battered Mountain). The slate here is grey and very rocky, with a heavy amount of quartz. The CAI is a dry to off-dry Riesling with intense fruit and mineral. Best served quite cold, this wine is as bright as sunshine, but tastes like rain. Petrol, lemon, grapefruit, limestone, chalk, earth, tropical flowers.

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