Jean Vullien Savoie Montmelian

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Jean Vullien Savoie Montmelian
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While this alpine area of eastern France may be better known for skiing than viticulture, a cadre of Savoyard vignerons are producing excellent wines here. The region's best come from a boomerang-shaped string of six hillside crus between Grenoble and Albertville (site of 1992 Winter Olympics) called the Combe de Savoie (Combe is a word of Celtic origin meaning a sharp, deep valley). Jean Vullien and his two sons, David and Olivier, tend 69 acres on the Combe with prime parcels in four of the six crus. The "Montmelian" is a crisp, mineral-driven white from the Jacquère grape. Wet stone, lemon, white flowers.

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