La Foret Drouhin Bourgogne Blanc

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La Foret Drouhin Bourgogne Blanc
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Site: LaForêt Bourgogne Chardonnay is made with the Chardonnay grape coming from the whole of Burgundy. It is often the entry level wine leading to the great white Burgundies: to drink it provides the simple pleasures of a classic Burgundy. History & tradition: the name LaForêt (pronounced "La-fo-ray") is synonymous with quality. Joseph Drouhin takes great care in selecting the various cuvées. Soil: clay and limestone. Composed like a perfume. Véronique Drouhin and the blend of LaForêt. "We have a good palette of aromas and flavours. Chablis, in the north, for the freshness and character, the Côte d'Or for finesse and elegance, the Mâconnais to the south for the charm and fruitiness. With this structure, LaForêt is a faithful wine, and we rediscover these traits from year to year". Citrus, honey, vanilla.

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