La Spinetta Rose Di Casanova

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La Spinetta Rose Di Casanova
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The genius of La Spinetta encompasses a vast array of great wines, all boasting Giorgio Rivetti's inimitably approachable and voluptuous style. From Moscato to Nebbiolo to Sangiovese, whatever Giorgio touches turns to gold. His pioneering single-vineyard Barberas and Barbera/Nebbiolo blend Pin are considered to be the best of the Langhe. His Barbarescos and Barolo are at the very top of their category. In fact, his wines are among Italy's most celebrated, as he has attained the coveted "Tre-Bicchieri" award for more than 30 of his wines throughout his relatively short career. The Rose di Casanova is a Sangiovese-based blend with bright acidity and fresh herbal character. Thyme, marjoram, tomato, raspberry.

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