Misfits Wine Co. Brujeria

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Misfits Wine Co. Brujeria
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This is a classic blend…in Priorat that is. Grenache, Syrah (ehr…Shiraz), Cab Sauv and Tempranillo. Let’s pay homage to the grand country of Spain here. Brujeria? Taken from a Mexican heavy metal band that didn’t take shit from people. Loud, raucous and straightforward. If you drink this you may in fact become a Brujos. However with that in mind, this is supposed to be a kick ass out-there style, with shades of the label gripping your palate with fear of more flavor, more grip, more excitement... striking fear into the hearts of folks everywhere. The modus operandi for the Brujeria was old school Ribera del Duero style with a little Priorat funk, hence the Cab, Grenache and Temp with a little Aussie flair. All four components were kept separate up until blending. The fruit was destemmed and crushed, yeasts (crazy aye? and yes more than one) were inoculated for primary fermentation. So if you've been following, you will remember that these parcels saw between 6 -10 days on skins, this is when they were pressed to... a multitude of different vessels... portions underwent malo in oak on gross lees, others were racked prior to inoculation with malolactic bacteria, also in oak, hell some of it even completed malo in tank (as is the way down here in Australia). Anyway, this grog sat in these multitude of vessels for near on 13 months.

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