Rezabal Txakolina

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Rezabal Txakolina
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The Rezabal family has been growing grapes in Zarautz for two generations. The family owns 15 Hectares planted in the slopes of a mountain overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Zarautz. The Atlantic environment of this area is the perfect habitat for the Hondarrabi zuri. The soils are sandy with gravel beneath of Tertiary origin. The soils and the steep inclination of the slopes allow for good drainage. The vineyards are facing east to maximize the sun exposure and protect the plants from the wind coming from the west. The planting system uses vines trained to a height of around 6 ft. This method is chosen to avoid the moisture from the ground and maximize ventilation. The harvest takes place in early October and lasts for approximately 15 days. Groups of grape pickers cover the 16 hectares of the property, using long shears to cut the hanging bunches below the vine arbours. Single vineyard, family owned, hand harvested Txakolina made from 100% Hondarrabi zuri. Slightly effervescent, very dry, saline, green apple, fresh citrus, seawater.

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